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I have been working with Divi by Elegant Themes for almost as long as I have been a freelance WordPress developer. It was clear from early on that Divi would be a formidable framework for building WordPress websites and so I have a made it a priority to become a Divi expert and it is now a key part of my web development toolkit.
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Why use Divi?

If you are reading this, then the chances are you already know a little bit about Divi theme by Elegant Themes. It is a great option for any WordPress website and the functionality it brings with the Divi Builder page builder makes managing content a dream. Divi is also lightweight and provides an excellent blank canvas to build on. It has an excellent community of users and developers making it the ideal solution for a WordPress website.

Yet, to harness the true power of Divi, you need an expert to bring your website to life and make it stand out from the competition.

Do you need a Divi Expert

I have been developing WordPress websites with Div since it was launched in 2013. During this time I have watched it grow into something incredible, and have developed in-depth knowledge about both the functionality and quirks of the Divi. As a web developer, my job is not only to create well functioning and beautifully designed websites, but also to create websites that my clients can manage easily and with maximum flexibility. Divi helps to make this possible.

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