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I have over 10 years experience in WordPress design and frontend development.  I’ve watched web design trends come and go and worked on every kind of design project imaginable.  From sleak, elegant professional websites to weird and wacky designs.

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The key to great web design

There is more great web design than knowing your way around Adobe Creative Suite. Completing a design project with a great outcome begins with understanding what the project requires. Every project is different and the design should carve a niche for the website to stand proud in.

It begins with research, thought, understanding and planning. All of this takes place before the first pixel is created. Even the simplest websites benefit from thorough preparation, which then allows for the uninterrupted creative process to flow.

The cutting edge

Web design trends are constantly evolving, sometimes at an alarming rate.  It is a never ending race of innovation in style and design.  Following current design trends and predicting what is around the next corner is vital aspect of WordPress web design to ensure that you are designing a website for the future, not the past.  

Researching and following web design trends is an ongoing process that requires passion and a will to stay at the cutting edge of web design.  The time invested in this then filters down into the end product, which is great web design.

Web design Workflow

My design workflow has become adaptable to suit the needs of each individual project.  Some projects benefit from a full design process including wireframing, static graphical designs produced in Adobe XD, followed by prototyping and finally development.  While other projects are more suited to the more streamline and simplified process of designing in-browser while simultaneously building the website.

The advent of front end page builders has made designing in-browser a perfectly viable option for WordPress design.  It has the benefit of being a faster and more cost effective method.  On the other hand, the longer, more detailed approach of producing graphical designs before developmemnt begins can lead to a more refined end result.  I discuss the merrits of both approaches with my clients at the start of every project. 

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